When I first considered doing a site-specific mural for Barbara Bestor Architecture in Silverlake I thought about doing something that would reflect what was going on inside. I tossed around ideas about architecture and design and construction but none of the imagery that sprang to mind seemed very compelling. I was used to doing work on a smaller conceptual level. I was used to doing work about people, individuals, in intimate or mundane settings.

It wasn’t until I stood in front of the building, or rather, stood back from it that I started to get a better idea of what I could do. Off to the side stands a sign that says “No Cruising,” a relic from when the area was the gay bathhouse district. I thought that instead of portraying what went on inside the building I could depict what used to go on around it. It could be a historical reflection of the district, and it could still be about people, in intimate or mundane settings.